Flash Fiction #5


Grandfather had found it in his young and foolish days he would say and with a year of hard work earned enough to lay claim to it for the price of the land.

This place started out as an abandoned outpost, on an old border.  Modern times had moved the border and the threats, leaving this place without a purpose.

Decades spent building and breathing new life into it had finally turned it into a home that had raised 2 generations of children so far.  Soon a third generation will be living and playing here…

Grandfather will be so happy.



Go to Rochelle’s Addicted to Purple site and use her Wednesday photo as a prompt to write a 100 word story.

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  1. Dear Ryl,

    A good solid story of a solid hardworking family. Well done.




  2. And suddenly, through the lens of your words, the home has an unseen quality! This is beautiful, Ryl.


    • Everyone sees the world through their own lens & the beauty of this exercise is to see all the other visions and broaden the mind to new possibilities. Thank you for coming to take a peek through mine.


  3. Such a positive and optimistic story. Well done.


  4. I think in a home like this .. after a few generation the house actually become the family.. there is a reason why some families are more deeply rooted than other


    • I think this is something the majority of modern society is losing out on. For the families that do have this kind of life, there is a sense of peace and connection many lack.


  5. I like it, most of the posts (including mine) is about negativity, but yours is light and beautiful.


  6. Liked the history of a house and the land…the connection with ongoing family.


    • With the shift from lands and homes being passed down through families to the modern idea of selling and moving on to something else, I wanted to show that keeping something in the family still holds powerful appeal if looked at in the right light.


  7. You’re hosting quite the party! Is there any hot chocolate left? 😀


    • Oh dad…. Like I wouldn’t keep a stock of the good stuff in the cupboard just for you, along with a bottle of the good mead… go help yourself


  8. Exactly how I imagine houses like this.


  9. This place started out as an abandoned outpost, Just wondering about a building started out abandoned…..

    On the other hand warm and strong idea.


    • Abandoned building are gaining quite a desirability as folks are trying to recover crumbling history and recycling the salvageable old buildings by turning old barns and farmhouses into green and/or upscale homes for a fraction of the cost of buying in big cities and they get much more land too…


  10. Ryl, Lovely story of a family that loved each other and the house that was theirs. Well written. 🙂 —Susan


  11. I’m kind of intrigued about what happened at the “abandoned outpost, on an old border” – I’m sure there must be stories there 🙂


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