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Coffee, chores and the spinning wheel


My normal time to crawl out of the cave of sleep and get on with the day varies somewhat day to day, but anything before 9 am is unusual.  I am usually getting up to attend an appointment [or another such important reason], still awake from the night before or on the very rarest of occasions I just happen to wake up and can’t get back to sleep for that couple extra hours.  This morning I was awakened by Son heading off to work at 5:25 am and I really tried to get back to sleep [seriously, did not feel any need to start my day THIS early!], but it eluded me and I was stuck crawling out of bed at 6:15 after nearly and hour of trying. 

First on the list of things to do, let the dog out, hit the loo, let the dog back in, feed her before she gets her tail in a knot.  Then I hobble into the kitchen and wake up the coffee maker, get morning meds, grab fresh brewed coffee [blow lots to cool it down some so I can drink it without burning my mouth], park my butt in front of the computer and start reading blogs, news, facebook messages, email…  First rounds of chores done.

Next round of things to do, pick a project I have on the go to spend some time on.  This morning the first choice to finish plying off the singles for a friend’s custom yarn.  The wheel starts sounding grumpy from the start, not good… Inspection reveals I have loose parts in tight spots, this means pulling things apart to reach them.  Wrench, pliers, lube spray to loosen the main nut, glue to fix problems, determination and stubborn will take a little less than 3/4 of an hour to get the wheel fixed up and working again.  A bit of spinning to test that all is back in place and I am ready to go again.

I toss a load of laundry in, it was meant to go in last night, but I was just too tired to fuss with it… Bed was calling and it won.  Today it needs doing, all the extra towels got used up cleaning a spill over the weekend and I would like them back in the cupboard ASAP, the extra stuff to make up a load are bonus.

Back to the wheel, another round of plying… It is meditative until the treadle hinge starts squeaking, damn it, forgot to tend to that while doing that other maintenance stuff… BREAK TIME!  Need another coffee to keep me going, maybe throw up a blog…. ZZZZZzzzzzz….

Murmble, groan, WHat?!  Sorry, dozed off for a bit there, told you it was way too early for me.  Time to go throw something together for lunch, finish up that load of laundry and go find something to do for the afternoon.