Let there be warm things…

So I have talked about my knitting… and lately I am working on stuff that I have available for sale.
Finding a decent venue to sell it is another challenge.  I am lucky if I sell one or two items at any sale, fair, festival or bazzar and I usually end up paying as much or more than I sold to attend these events.  Frustrating and disheartening…

In that light, I would like to show off some of the stuff I have available here… just to put it out there in case anyone is looking for a gift idea for themselves or a loved one.  If not, just a place to showcase what I have done wouldn’t hurt either *wink*

Brand new, hand knit beanie hats made out of 100% merino wool yarn.
Basic and slouched styles currently available. ($15 CND each if you are interested)

~ Black slouched style

~ Grey with green and red stripe basic style

~ Dark green with light green and black basic style

~ Dusty rose slouched style

~ Red, dusty rose, grey and natural slouched style (SOLD)

I also have shawls that I have been doing…

This one is wool, nylon and angora with a mystery eyelash yarn for the fuzzy highlights

Son graciously offered to model one for me!

A different style of shawl…

This one is 100% merino wool and that lovely colourful edge is all hand dyed too.  The colour of the main body is a purple and not a blue like the camera shows.

I have a list of shawls and other stuff I’ve got done and just can’t seem to get the best pictures done of them to show to advantage.  Trying to do this all on my own is a challenge, I need a good day when all the stars are aligned to make it work I guess.  It might be a decent fall and winter project to look into doing… I’ll take it under consideration.

I am able to take paypal from all countries and you can email me at: ladyryl[at]gmail.com if you have any questions or are interested in buying one of the items I have posted here.

For now, I hope you enjoy a quick glimpse into what keeps me occupied throughout the year.

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  1. Hey, Ladyryl. Is there a link or email address you’d like to include in case someone wants to put in an order? I’ll be happy to re-blog your post, but people will need to know how to find you, and how to pay you (do you have PayPal, for instance?). Also, are you able to ship to countries other than Canada?

    Having just published my winter preparedness post, yours would be a nice follow-up. I forgot to include nice warm clothing, including hats and gloves, in my list of things to have before winter starts.


  2. Reblogged this on Cordelia's Mom, Still and commented:
    In my post about preparing for winter, I failed to mention the need for warm clothes! And hats! Who knows winterwear better than our friends up North? Hand knitted hats and shawls are so much better than factory made, and these are adorable. Get yours before the snow arrives!

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  3. Lovely! I have several wraps and scarves I’ve done in my closet which I’ll probably take to a shelter any day now. If I offer things for sale, it turns an enjoyable hobby into work for me, so I gave that up. Now I have the weaving bug and cannot wait for my new loom to arrive to try it.


    • I do my crafting as a therapy of sorts… I ended up with lots of finished stuff and decided to offer things for sale to help afford new stash to cover the continuing costs of my various crafting “addictions” – LOL

      Have fun with your new loom!! I tried weaving several times and it was one of the rare fiber crafts that never “took” with me… I am a handspinner and create unique yarn instead!

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  4. These are beautiful, masterfully-woven creations, my friend.


  5. This is a strange place to leave you a message… but Archon asked me to!


    To help your father get his classic editor:

    On the top right, in the black line, beside the notification bell is your picture (or whatever image you have chosen). Click on that and it will bring you to your your Profile. On the left you will see Account Settings. Click on that and scroll down and you will see Interface Settings, just below that is a button under Dashboard Appearance. Click it until it is black. Scroll down under the colour options and save. You will have the main editor back and when you click on Posts, at the top you have the Add New and you can choose classic editor.
    Ta dah!

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