Monthly Archives: August 2019

Oh dear, the holiday is over…

Yet memories were made to bring home and savour until next year…

Two weeks of:

Hanging out at a powwow and camping,

Harvesting Saskatoon and blueberries right from the bushes and eating them sun warmed

Having a dress custom made and fitted for me (to wear for son’s wedding!)

And a custom beaded pendant to wear with it,

Beach trips,

Scoring some nice stuff for myself and to bring home as gifts,

Shopping trips,

Hanging out with my Dearest Friend and her family,

And got myself a nice new tattoo (designed by me and only tweaked slightly by the artist)

I adore spending time up there with them and am sad when my time up there is at an end… I do know that eventually I need to come home to my own home and the critters, it just seems my time away goes so fast.  Although I am looking forward to plans for going again next summer, for what I am hoping will become a yearly sabatical for me!

Next up is my Son’s wedding in two weeks…