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Up, up and away…

As I am typing this, I am experiencing my first ever plane flight.  

I’m not going far, a 2 hour flight farther north.  To transport a puppy to his new home and visit with friends I have known about 17 years, yet have never had a chance to meet in person until now.  It’s very much like meeting a blogger friend, but we met on a mom’s group online and over the years we had watched each other’s children grow, supported each other through tough times, celebrated the happy moments together… All virtually via the internet.

Flying in this wee little plane it like traveling in a cramped bus with tiny windows, that is until you look out that wee window and see clouds down below.  I have taken meds for motion sickness to be on the safe side and can sit back and enjoy my coffee and some knitting and just stare out at the world literally flying by. The clouds look like sheets of batting laid out as far as I can see from my window, but I did get a few good shots to share as we were starting out.


And the next one has a rainbow ring…


I can’t post this until I land, but this is definitely as fun and easy as everyone kept telling me it would be…

Almost before I know, we are descending into the little airport that is my destination…



So after the big hugs had been passed around and the puppy I was delivering was lovingly admired, it was time for what turned out to be a longer drive to their house due to the flurries on the highway.  Several stops along the way allowed for stretching and an adorable shot of puppy with one of his new pack members…


Now I have been here a day and it’s been a great time so far. I am booked to head back home on the 12th and plan on making the most of my time here!

Catch you later all….

Flash Fiction #20


I have paid my fare to ride the wind.

As the machine begins to rise,

My heart beats a little faster.

The forward momentum begins like nothing more than a merry-go-round.

Speed grows slowly at first,

Like a child I cry out inside… Faster! Higher!

The tone of the machine changes,

The force of gravity pulls at me and I swing outwards.

I close my eyes and imagine I am flying,

The wind in my face and the feeling of moving through space fills me.

Holding out my arms I embrace the sensation.

Too soon I fall back to earth….


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Flash Fiction #19


She blinked as the blinding lights struck her eyes again and again…

Where was she?

What am I doing here?

Who am I?

Forgotten details buzzed in the white noise inside her head, lost to coherent thought and making her dizzy and confused. The lights struck at her again causing her to grip the railing next to her, she turned her head to notice the river below. Something about the calm looking waters below was comforting, appealing to her need to stifle the chaos inside her head.

A gentle hand touched her shoulder…

“Alright there miss?” a soft voice asked.


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Flash Fiction #18


Here we are in an example of a paper copy storage unit. Even though reliable computers and various other digital storage advances had been around for many decades, people of the 21st century still maintained an obsessive need to have paper copies of information. While they were fully capable of storing huge amounts of information digitally, they still feared the loss of the power needed to access it and would process “hard copies” to ensure availability of the information.

Today we can reliably store the amount of information that would have been in this room on a single digital cell…

Flash Fiction #17


Victor was fuming, the little brat had done it again. Isobelle’s daughter was worse than any of the boys he had grown up with, but Isobelle was his employer, so he could do nothing but fume.

Rotten child, her pranks were out of hand in his opinion.

First had been the peppers strung like holiday lights, then the herbs turned into centerpieces on all the tables, all his ingredients moved about in the pantry and this latest one – Sacre Bleu!

She has hung his onions and garlic about like they were decorations!

How was he to get his job done…


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Flash Fiction #16

FF-16She sat calmly in her chair, watching from the middle of the great room at the other clue hunters scrambling about, trying to discern the meaning of the last clue on the list.

“The gift of the Rose”

They were starting to get frustrated and give into working in pairs and trios, scouring every inch of the floors, walls, pillars, artworks and furniture to try and find anything that would match the clue.

She took a deep breath and tilted her head back to look up at the ceiling, the one place they weren’t looking…

“Ah…” she breathed out “light!”



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Ode to Allergies


Sniffle, sniffle, snort…
Cough, cough, HACK…
Sniffle, sneeze, honk…
Honk, snort, sneeze, sneeze…
Snort, honk…

Shuffle, shuffle, rattle, shake, gulp….
Tick, tock, tick, tock, sigh……

To those who suffer as I do, solidarity to the tissue holders!

To those that do not, I honk in your general direction you lucky buggers…


Flash Fiction #15


The collection system was working better than expected and the tank had gotten full faster than they hoped.

Water had been the major concern for the last cycle, the surface water wasn’t collecting as the had foolishly thought it would, but the nightly rains were enough to sustain them, so they had rigged up the assortment of parts to create the gathering system, the series of pipes and tube, the large tank to hold it all and a gravitational filtration unit to ensure it was uncontaminated and safe to drink.

Everyone gathered to see the first ceremonial glass poured out…


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Sweet Dreams of Sweet Sounds

I have always wanted to learn a musical instrument, just something that I could play for my own pleasure. There were no plans to play in a group, band or professionally, I just wanted to be able enjoy the sound of my soul made into sound the ear could hear. The journey started in my youth with attempts at guitar and then whatever kinds of instruments were available through the public school system I attended. Attempts were made to learn to play the recorder, the french horn, a saxophone, the clarinet, the flute and finally the electronic keyboard over the years of schooling, but nothing seemed to stick except the flute. The problem with this was that they were seriously expensive and I just couldn’t swing that kind of money.

I finally settled on hand drumming around 20 years ago and managed to acquire a small clay belly drum from the fair trade store to start with, then I got a wonderful sounding Djembe for my birthday around 10 years ago that I enjoyed playing immensely.

Unfortunately I was diagnosed a few years after finally finding the drum of my dreams with a skin condition on my left hand that left the skin thin, easily damaged and therefore prone to severe pain at the slightest pressure. As the years passed it got worse and the last time I tried to drum, my hands swelled up and the skin started to split from the pressure of the swelling. My hand drumming days were done and it was hard to accept, but it was not something I could just ignore anymore, so now it was time to decide what to do as far as finding something to replace it. Due to health issues, I decided to screen instruments for my tolerances to the activity required to play them and see if could find a fit. Strummed strings were out due my hands [the skin can no longer develop and hold the calluses needed to play them therefore making it painful to do so], bowed string were out due to the strain on the neck, shoulders and back to hold them as well as the hand issue, drumming was drummed out, piano didn’t tinkle my tune, none of the brass tooted my horn, a few of the woodwinds whistled a maybe tune, but nothing really sparked the song in my soul.

Then just as 2014 was coming to a close, a friend of mine posted on Facebook that she was selling her hammered dulcimer. It was a beautiful instrument; the sound is part harp, part harpsichord and all wonderful. It only requires little wooden hammers to play it and they are held lightly, so no stress on the thin skin of my hands and no suspended arms in awkward positions to strain the muscles either. My only concern was if I could afford to buy it, there was some money saved, but would I have enough? When I contacted her, she had two other interested parties ahead of me in the list of inquiry, but after a few messages back and forth she agreed that if the other folks stepped down, then she would accept my offer. Within hours there was a message back from her, the dulcimer was mine. She could deliver it to me in a week and a half if I was ok waiting to get it, which worked out for me as it gave me the needed time to arrange to free up the savings to pay her.

Huzzah! My new year has started with the acquisition of my sweet new instrument. Sadly it had been sitting unused at its old house for so long it was a pale greyish white with dust and dirt and badly out of tune. This poor thing needed cleaning and care before I could even consider retuning it and beginning the process of learning to play.

So the first round was the dusting and then gently scrubbing the wood clean of the remaining dirt. This process required 4-5 concentrated hours of cotton swabs and cotton pads held with a long nosed clamp, lightly dampened and carefully inserted between the strings to get the worst of the dust and dirt off.

Jan 2015 012

*Here it is partway through the dusting, I forgot to take a before picture, but you can still make out the layer of dust on the bottom right corner.*

hen out came an old tooth brush, a clean cloth and plain water to scrub it a little bit more thoroughly. It was its natural medium brown wood colour again and looked so much cleaner now, but it needed to dry completely as I had one more thing to do before the cosmetic clean up was finished.

Jan 2015 013

*Here it is after the full clean up was completed*

Day two was the lemon oil treatment, the wood was treated with a varnish on some parts, but the sound box panels were untreated and a bit on the dry side, so a double coat of oil there and a thin coat everywhere else that wasn’t varnished was applied. The dulcimer was left out for the rest of the day to let the oil soak in before carefully wrapping her back up and tucking her safely away for the time being

Jan 2015 014

*Doesn’t she look all shiny now?*

Now that the dulcimer has had its clean up, next comes the turning and tuning to get her singing properly. There is a book and DVD that came with it to help me figure out how to go about that, I’ll just need to take the time to do a thorough read of the book and watch the disc. I have thought that I should name her [the dulcimer], perhaps something like Lucy, Dulcie, Eloise, Calliope or Winnie. The naming of an instrument is not uncommon as many famous personalities name their instruments, so I am in good company if I do as well, it would only be a matter of deciding what it will be.

Oh yes, I will have to take a refresher course in the reading of music too. It seem after all these years of not needing to read sheet music I seem to have pretty much forgotten everything [or so it feels]. Yet another stage in my journey, but I shall manage one way or another…

Flash Fiction #14

PHOTO PROMPT - Copyright - Jan Wayne Fields

Sam was the best thing to happen to Ethan in his life. A few months ago Ethan had gotten very sick, Sam had stuck by him through it all, even when they thought his illness would render him permanently disabled. Strong, caring, fun and unconditionally loving, how had he ever found such a gift in this person he loved so dearly?

Sam’s parents were coming to visit, to celebrate Ethan’s recovery and spend some time with them. Ethan had a special dinner planned, a ring and an important question to ask Sam tonight. Ethan was hoping he would say yes…


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