Flash Fiction #17


Victor was fuming, the little brat had done it again. Isobelle’s daughter was worse than any of the boys he had grown up with, but Isobelle was his employer, so he could do nothing but fume.

Rotten child, her pranks were out of hand in his opinion.

First had been the peppers strung like holiday lights, then the herbs turned into centerpieces on all the tables, all his ingredients moved about in the pantry and this latest one – Sacre Bleu!

She has hung his onions and garlic about like they were decorations!

How was he to get his job done…


Go to Rochelle’s Addicted to Purple site and try out using her Wednesday photo as a prompt to write a 100 word story.

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  1. Tricky situation – what to do about a prankster who also happens to be the boss’s daughter? Great story!


  2. Nice take 🙂 Pranks can sometimes be too much to handle.


  3. Using natural ingredients to decorate – or does she know something he doesn’t? A firebrand or risk takes, or maybe, just a real pain in the ….! Good one!


  4. Hehe, I guess he’s the chef in a restaurant? Decorating with spices isn’t the worst decoration in that place. 🙂 Great story.


  5. Maybe Victor should show Isobelle what her daughter’s pranks were costing her?
    Good piece.


  6. Dear Ryl,

    Clever take on the prompt. Maybe he should hang one of the kid’s toys from the sign and see how she likes it. 😉




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