How to really and totally love your Keurig…

OH YA!!!

I finally joined the ranks of Keurig machine owners last week.  My wonderful and loving son got his tax refund in and offered me a portion larger than I had requested as my fee for doing his taxes for him,  it was just enough to buy the machine I had been lusting after for a year now.  (A Cuisinart with all the bells and whistles I’d been hankering for)

I know, I know…. I could have used it for some more practical purpose, but since I drink one kind of coffee (Fantastic Ecuadorian organic right from a friend of mine who has her own plantain down there.  Very fair trade and supports the Co-op that helps the other farmers too) & Son and his girl drink Starbucks or tea, I thought this was a very practical idea for our household.

The machine I bought came with the brew-your-own filter thing, so brewing our own coffee was one of the first thing I tried.  Yummy, fantastic, in just that quick a hot cuppa coffee when you want one and no faffing with trying to drink the rest of a pot in a decent amount of time.  Travel mug to go, no problem… cuppa tea or two at night, easy peasy… clean the reusable filter each time, kind of a pain….  but in the end, I was prepared for the fuss and muss for the sake of the rest of the convenience the machine provided.

Then while I was browsing the internet in search of a  decent paper filter insert solution for that little basket, I stumbled on an idea that would allow me to use regular #2 coffee filters to make my own little filter inserts.  Easy peasy removal of used grounds, quicker transition from one type of coffee to another, easier clean-up in general and all it takes is a little work on my part to cut the filters and do a bit of folding.

So I grabbed a pack of #2 filters we had on hand for Girl’s little coffee brewer and did a bit of trim and fold, popped the first attempt into the little filter cup, added coffee and brewed.  Wonderfully easy, coffee brewed just fine and it was simple to grab the edge of the paper and slip it out into the compost collection pail.  The coffee grounds do spill over the top edge of the filter an little, but the rinse needed to clean that up is much quicker and uses far less water.  You really only need to rinse it if you are switching coffee or switching to doing tea and since I picked up that pack of filters (40 in each) for $1 at a local dollar store, that means 80 filters for a measly $1… SCORE !!!!!

Way cheaper than what I can buy online, no shipping costs, better availability and makes my life just a little easier for the sake of a bit of fiddling about doing kindergarten level arts & crafts – LOL

Here is how I did it….

So there you are… a quick, easy and CHEAP way to create paper filter inserts for your Keurig coffee machine!!


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  1. Do I need to get Grammladybug to view this?


    • No don’t bother unless she wants to pop over and have a read. She doesn’t have the brew-your-own filter yet, but once she has one, I’ll give her a tutorial in person…


  2. My dad worked on designing coffee machines for Keurig.


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