What kind of a cupcake I am…

I tried the quiz on this site and this is the kind of cupcake that best represents me.

Kind of cool… feel free to try it for yourself if you haven’t already.

Dark Heart Cupcake

Dark Heart Cupcake

You are a Dark Heart cupcake – bittersweet chocolate cake with a 72% cacao square of chocolate baked into the center, topped by an espresso glaze.

You are a creative and smart idealist who prefers to be alone, rather than in crowds. You are often attracted to sad things, and you can be emotional and moody. Often, you observe others instead of participating in activities directly. You have a penchant for esoteric things.

Your preferred careers include poet, art therapist, philosopher, environmentalist, or activist.

What Kind Of Cupcake Are You?

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  1. I always knew that there was something very special about you from the first time I got a good look at you.


  2. Hey I wasn’t finished………………………………..

    It’s not surprising that you have not only lived up to, but have definitely surpass any expectations that I may have had at the beginning. LOL


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