My morning in ABCDEF – 123456

I was doing my morning routine and I realized it could be summed up like this:

A – Alarm goes off

B – Bathroom dance with critters

C – Coffee started & cats fed

D – Dog out, back in & fed

E – Excavate through the litter

F – Finally get to sit down to relax with my coffee and a bite to eat


1 – scoop of food for the dog

2 – scoops of food for the cats

3 – scoops of coffee beans, fresh ground and into the machine

4 – liters* of water to fill glasses, water bowls & make the coffee

5 – cats getting treats

6 – pills & vitamins to swallow


It just struck me as funny that everything fit into this intriguing little list & thought I would share…

I mean it just goes to show just where my brain is at in the first 30-45 minutes of my day.




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  1. LOL I love your list that sounds a lot like mine, with the exception of the dogs. No doggie-critters here, just 3 spoiled rotten kitties!

    Thanks for your visit and I look forward to following your adventures in critter-land 🙂



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